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Oil paintings, watercolours, ink washes and even acrylics; there are many different techniques which allow the painter to achieve the desired effect. Mixing pigments with synthetic resin make it acrylic, while adding delicately grinded gum arabic, transform it into gouache and watercolour. In street-art, painting takes shape on walls using spray cans, but painting can adapt to all kinds of supports. Often more frequently used on canvas, paintings can also be created on wood, paper… there are no limits to the surfaces the artist can use it on.

We can paint any photo for you, also we can paint in any size with your require!

All our paintings are hand painted oil on linen. We also offer framed painting to you.
We can paint a beautiful painting in any size for any photo you sent!
All our paintings are hand painted oil on canvas. We also offer framed painting to you.
Send a photo to us by email; we will quote you by return ,After we get your confirmation, You orders will be processed within 1 business day.
Before shopping, we will send a product photo for your confirmation.
When you receive the goods, If you are not satisfied with our product such as quality problems. , We promise to give you a full refund.Or you can
Our commitment is top quality, competitive price and speedy delivery. Please don’t hesitate,
just send us a photo with your email , then we will do the rest for you.
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We do pet portraits, dog portraits, cat portraits, baby portraits, wedding portraits, you name it. Send us a digital picture or scan of your cherished photograph, and let our artists create a beautiful painting you will enjoy for a lifetime. You will be amazed at the beauty as we capture every detail with each brushstroke. MyReproductions offers a place where you can buy top quality oil painting reproductions, recreations of the old masters, portraits and oil paintings by your own design or based on a photograph. We do not sell prints or canvas transfers. All paintings are actual hand-painted on a blank canvas with the highest quality oil based paints. If you require a special size please let us know. We can do ANY size you require!
Note: Unless you specify otherwise, our artist will copy every detail of your photo and try to make them as realistic as possible.
All our oil painting reproductions are genuine artworks on canvas!
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